AvatarHi, my name is Sarah and I am an optimistic woman. However, unfortunately I’ have still been told that my bad diabetes was pitifully incurable. I know some people are genetically predisposed to daibetes, but I am not. I don’t believe it’s incurable. And, I must prick my figer regularly. So pity.

I keep looking for diabetes treatment everyday. recently, I discovered some good information which really blew my mind: although my pancreas was surely useless, don’t worry, I could treat my diabetes yet. Really great information to me.

You know lots of people was afflicted with diabetes, so you can image how shocked I was when I learned that information.

I know nothing about diabetes but I was studying certain research which my friend sent me. After all, I am not a doctor so it was really hard to understand to me.

However actually, it was all so straight forward.

We all pay for daibetes – It comes out of economic growth.

The liver actually makes something named IGF or “insulin-like growth factor”. It controls glucose as insulin, really great, but except it is 100x more effective.

I have to say that the best part to me was the fact that I did not have to need any pills. Drugs usually have side effects. However IGF doesn’t come to me as an injection. Simply, you only have to make your liver to start creating more IGF.

It gives me hope to cure my diabetes. In fact, In less then three weeks, I have cured my diabetes forever. Very surprised to me.

My doctor confirmed it. He said, it is an incredible story. He was surely even more shocked than I was. Greatly. He even called in his nurse to ensure he was not insane. Of course, he’s alright.

He did not understand that how it was possible. He never cure a diabetics like this. But to me, I have to say it was quite obvious: in fact companies earn billions of dollars from our diabetes treatments. But we lost money. No way they want to let us discover that we could treat our diabetes without them. What are they afraid of? you know.

I am guessing that we can discover this sooner assuming they can make IGF pills for us, however they don’t. It doesn’t matter now. IGF is made in your own bodies, therefore that solution was inside of us the whole time. So good.

Of course, possibly this cure doesn’t work for you. However it worked great to me, as well as it worked very well for thousands of other people who suffer from diabetes.

In fact, It is quite simple, all you need to do is take a few foods which cost just a little money at grocery store. Everyone can afford it, so why you not give it a try?

Which a few respects of food should the diabetic not more?

Lood at this short presentation to discover what foods you have to boost your IGF as well as treat your diabetes. Really simply. Believe me – when you don’t need to prick your fingers any longer, you will be happy you did it and live a normal and happiness of life with your families.